#watertime adventures and just another day in Bryce's Life

Over the last 4 years it has been such a joy to serve the Greater Seattle Area as a Yacht Broker. I have got to meet lots of new friends and represent them as their Yacht Broker. We have also started to stack up some #watertime as well, and are looking forward to our new adventures soon to come out on the Puget Sound and even in other adjacent oceans around the United States. We are familiar with both sailboats and motor powered yachts now and have been servicing both categories.
One of the funnest things that I have been doing lately is going on long bike rides and taking my little dog Carmelo on walks. These have been great ways for me to break from the office and get some fresh air.
Sea Trails have been super fun as well. Getting out there on the water is such a joy and a huge stress reliever.
With the business brokering things I have been doing at work I have still found sometime to hit the gym even. Not only that I started on a whole foods diet, which has been great: giving me the energy to do the things I want. I only wish I had more time to visit and spend with the people I love. Good thing many of us have social media, it is easier than ever before to stay connected with your family, friends, and network as a whole. We are excited for future, we are ready in the present, and we are passed the past. Tell next blog, blogger....keep blogging.....